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Musings on the Multiverse

And how pretentious that sounds

I was thinking one night recently, before I could fall asleep but after I went to bed, and my mind wandered to a book series called the Synchronicity Wars. It is a book series, which, if you don't mind spoilers, consists of a spacefaring united earth that must quickly create new military technologies to fight of an alien race that is attacking them. One of the things that they develop in order to improve their ability to fight is advanced artificial intelligences to pilot ships and do dangerous missions.

One of the side plots present in the early stories is the development of the relationship between these AI and the human officer delegated to coordinate them (The main protagonist of the series). One of the AI who he is friends with, while they are not doing very well, thanks him for doing all of the things he has done to make the AI program prosper. He goes on by explaining that, if the AI program had taken more time to set up, this AI would not exist in exactly the same way because of how the humans create the "quantum matrices" that make up the AI brains.

This made me think about human conciousness and how time might affect us. One of the common ideas I have heard about multiverses is that whenever anyone makes a decision, two universes are born: the universe where the person chose one direction, and another universe where the other was chosen. If these suppositions were true (Which I'm not sure about) the multiverse must be a very complex place, where instead of a similar eight billion people on all multiversal Earths making decisions, you could very well have very different eight billion people in an uncountable number of Earths making decisions that constantly spawn more and more universes at an even faster rate than we currently would.

To be honest, I don't know if what I just wrote made any sense. If it did, thanks for reading. If I have a sidebar by the time of reading, feel free to look around it.